Terms and Conditions for Use


These terms and conditions were last updated on 1 July 2020.

1. Introduction
1.1 These terms & conditions set out the terms between you the user and us the website owner.
1.2 Your use of this website and any service contained within constitutes acceptance of these terms &
conditions in full.
1.3 You should not use this website if you do not accept with these terms & conditions in full.

2. Customer Information
2.1 You should always check that the contact information you provide is correct before creating an
2.2 You are responsible for maintaining your own username and password, where required to access
your account. You should ensure that you store your username and password securely and that the
details required to access your account are not provided to another party.
2.3 You are responsible for your account and actions taken within it. If you are aware or suspect that
your account username and password or other details have become known to a third party, you should
inform us immediately.
2.4 Our website is only intended for use by adults.
2.5 We reserve the right to restrict or remove your access to this website where you breach these
terms and conditions. Such restriction or removal will take place without recourse or explanation to
you where we solely deem it appropriate or necessary.

3. Privacy
We take your privacy seriously. We are registered under and comply with the General Data Protection
Regulation (GDPR). For further details please see our Privacy Policy.

4. Customer Complaints
We endeavour to respond to all complaints or queries within five working days.

5. Events outside our control
We shall not be liable for delay or failure to perform any obligation under these terms & conditions if
the delay or failure is caused by any circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including, but not
limited to, acts of god, war, civil disorder or industrial dispute.

6. Licence
6.1 We grant you a licence to access the content, information and services contained within our
website for personal use only.
6.2 This licence allows you to download and cache (using your browser) individual pages from our
6.3 This licence does not allow you to download and modify individual pages or substantial parts of
our website nor to make our website available via an intranet, where our website or a substantial part
of it is hosted locally on the intranet in question.
6.4 Our website design, layout, content or text cannot be copied, edited or otherwise manipulated
without our express prior written permission.
6.5 Our website cannot be placed within the frame-set of another site.
6.6 Third parties are not allowed to “deep link” to pages within our website, without our express prior
written permission. All links (unless expressly permitted by us) should be to the main index page of
our website. Furthermore, the content of such links, whether graphic or text should not be misleading,
false, derogatory or in any other way offensive.

6.7 The restriction on “deep linking” does not apply to affiliate partners or other partners who wish to
send users directly to a particular section or page.

7. Copyright
7.1 All content, databases, graphics, buttons, icons, logos, layouts and look & feel are our copyright,
unless expressly acknowledged as otherwise.
7.2 The data mining, extraction or utilisation of product information from our website is not permitted
without our express prior written permission.

8. User Generated Content
8.1 Where the facility exists you may provide reviews or public feedback on the website, also known
as user-generated content.
8.2 Where the facility exists such user-generated content can be provided in different formats and
mediums; text, audio, video and still photographs.
8.3 As part of providing this content to us you agree to grant us a worldwide, irrevocable, non-
exclusive and royalty-free license to use, distribute, edit, translate and repurpose such content, as we
require, including sub-licensing to other parties.
8.4 Such content shall not infringe the intellectual property rights of any other party. Furthermore the
content shall not be illegal or capable of breaching the laws of any jurisdiction in which it may be
8.5 We reserve the right to remove any content, which breaches or risks breaching these terms and
8.6 However, we shall not assume any responsibility for auditing or monitoring any user generated
8.7 Any complaints about such content by rights holders or any user or visitor to our website should
be directed to us using our contact details listed at the end of these terms and conditions.

9. Limitations and Exclusions of Liability
9.1 Where content and information is provided on the website without charge we exclude all liability
for such content and information.
9.2 All business losses (including, but not limited to) loss of profits, income, revenue, damage to
goodwill, loss of other commercial contracts, other commercial opportunities are all excluded.
9.3 All indirect, consequential or special losses or damage are all excluded.
9.4 All other losses or damages not reasonably foreseeable at the time of the contract between you and
us are also excluded.
9.5 All losses relating to the loss or corruption of data, databases, systems, software or hardware are
all excluded.
9.6 These terms and conditions do not exclude or limit liability for death or personal injury caused by
you or us.
9.7 These terms and conditions do not exclude or limit liability for fraud or fraudulent
misrepresentation caused by you or us.
9.8 These terms and conditions do not exclude or limit liability where this conflicts with the
applicable law for this jurisdiction.

10. Indemnity
By your use of our website you hereby indemnify us and undertake to keep us indemnified at all times
now and in the future against all possible claims relating to any breach of these terms and conditions
by you. Such indemnities to include, (but not be limited to) all costs legal and otherwise, all other
expenses, damages or settlements arising from your breach of these terms and conditions.

11. Variation
We reserve the right to vary these terms & conditions at any time, without giving notice to you. Such
varied terms and conditions shall automatically apply to the use of our website from the date of
publication on our website.

12. Assignment
We reserve the right to assign our rights and also our obligations under these terms and conditions,
without giving notice to you. This right of assignment shall only apply to us and shall not apply to you
in any way.

13. Severability
The paragraphs, sub-paragraphs and clauses of these Terms & Conditions shall be read and construed
independently of each other. Should any part of these Terms & Conditions or paragraphs, sub-
paragraphs or clauses be found invalid it shall not affect the remaining paragraphs, sub-paragraphs
and clauses.

14. Waiver
Failure by us to enforce any accrued rights under these terms & conditions is not to be taken as or
deemed to be a waiver of those rights by us unless we acknowledge the waiver in writing.

15. Third Parties
These terms and conditions are between you and us. They do not apply to, or benefit any third party
and are not reliant on any third party.

16. Entire Terms & Conditions
These terms & conditions set out the entire agreement and understanding between you and us.

17. The Consumer Rights Act 2015
These Terms & Conditions are specifically written in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act 2015.
Should these Terms & Conditions conflict with the Act, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 shall prevail
and apply.

18. Your Statutory Rights
Where acting as a consumer your statutory rights are unaffected.

19. Jurisdiction
These terms & conditions shall be interpreted, construed and enforced in accordance with English law
and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

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