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The delivery of construction & engineering works can be technical, complex, high-risk, uncertain, and with many challenges that are foreseen and unforeseen. It is the effectiveness of the processes and procedures, along with the competence, skillset, and experience of resources, that significantly increases the likelihood of successfully delivering works.

Success can mean many things to different people; however, this context can be simply stated as (1) Did we deliver works in accordance with the contract (as a minimum)? AND (2) Did we achieve the planned profit for undertaking these works? If the answer is “no” to either or both questions, then there is a problem. This will either be how you forecast to undertake the works (pre-tender) or how you (post-tender) plan and deliver the works, or possibly both. Either way, identifying the issues allow you to make the needed corrections for successfully delivering works and achieving your expected profit.

So, how to be more effective at delivering work?

  • Implement effective processes and procedures that are geared around your business needs and adapted to cover the requirements of the form of contract.
  • Be aware of the project variables that comprise Scope, Cost, Time, Quality, Risk, Benefits, and Resources (as a minimum) know what governance and controls will be implemented.
  • Implement effective risk and issue management and review regularly and co-ordinate actions.
  • Use a time schedule / programme as the primary tool for forecasting and managing works, and regularly update as works progress and when key issues occur, and always make submissions in accordance with the contract provisions.
  • Develop contract specific notice templates and procedures that clearly define who does what in the event defined circumstances occur.
  • Provide appropriately qualified and experience resources to meet the specific needs of each contract.

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