Contract Resourcing

For the Cement, Mining, Material Handling and Power Industries

When we speak to Clients, we hear the same issues about the high cost of resources who specialise in leading equipment.


Across the cement, mining, raw material, and power industries, the cost of OEM resources for installation and commissioning supervision can be eye-watering, to say the least. When you first see these costs, you think, “there must be a mistake”, that is, once you’ve picked yourself up off the floor! If you are experienced in these industries, these costs may be the unforgettable experience you would rather forget.


The reality of the situation is the OEM resources are always required at specific intervals during installation, and certainly at start-up and commissioning, as their validation of the equipment will trigger the product specific warranties.


The inspection, installation, start-up, and commissioning supervision is critical to any project, and a key ingredient to achieving performance tests, which if neglected, can result in under-performing equipment and great loss of production, and consequently this hits cost like a freight train.

The successful balance of cost for any Client is the mutual fit between experienced and competent supervisory resources AND the resources of the OEM.


When it comes to the right managerial and supervisory resources, it can be compared to wine. You get the unpalatable through to the exceptional vintage, but for some reason these can be priced or charged the same to unsuspecting Clients…and the void between the two can be an abyss you may wish to forget.


Resources who are experienced and competent across varying industry equipment manufacturers and who have first-hand experience working directly for leading industry OEM obviously command a certain salary. After all, you are procuring a certain standard of quality in your resources, backed up with competence through a skillset, qualifications, and experience.


Why spend serious capital cost on equipment and not invest in the quality managerial and supervisory resources?

This (of course) does not make sense.


But when we talk about quality resources, these shouldn’t cost you the Earth, and I’m not talking about OEM resource pricing – I don’t want you to fall off your chair. I’m talking about realistic pricing for skilled, experienced, and competent resources who add extensive capability and value to YOU and what YOU do for YOUR Clients. Everything we do is about YOU as our Client.


In addition, when you require key managerial and supervisory resources who are important to the function of your operations; there is nothing worse than talking to a resourcing provider who does not understand the issues you face and how to solve them.

But now you are here, thankfully, this is no longer an issue you need to face.


In our experience, the organisations that benefit most from our Specialists are those who:


          • Flexibility: need temporary specialists with first-hand experience in various equipment’s across many sectors direct with OEMs, and therefore want to benefit from cost savings on how they utilise temporary resources throughout their business.

          • Save Cost: want lower overall costs in how they utilise OEM and temporary Specialists across their operations.

          • Upscaling: are upgrading a section within an existing plant, or adding a new line or production facility to an existing plant, or constructing a new plant or facility, and want to temporarily increase their in-house capability to deliver a new production or operational capacity.

          • Trusted access: want to simplify the process of accessing contract or temporary specialists without compromising on the prequalifying and validation of specialists.

          • No ongoing commitment: need contract or temporary specialists for specific periods without the ongoing drama of employees.

          • Professionally insured: don’t want to compromise on their own insurances, and want their contract and temporary resources insured against the functions they provide, as standard.

So, if you’re a Client, Operator or EPC Contractor who demands quality specialists for your plant or facility, then our Specialists are:

            • Competent in the areas of fabrication inspection, installation, start-up and commissioning of industry leading equipment through all stages of the production process.

            • Multi-lingual and able to communicate in both the professional and technical language of the installation contractor and commissioning team.

            • Priced with realistic fees for competent managerial and supervisory personnel on a contract and temporary basis WITHOUT having to pay extortionate costs.

            • Fast mobilisation.

            • Professionally insured resources for peace of mind.

            • Available Globally.