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Boost your capability and save money and your sanity, even if you don’t know where to start.

Contract Resourcing for the Cement, Mining, Material Handling and Power Industries

Industry specialists across many vocations ready to boost your capability, saving you cost and time, and delivering when you need for the installation, commissioning, operation phases

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Attract the right type of candidates

Permanent Recruitment for Construction Professionals by Construction Professionals

  • Attract the right type of candidates without losing your marbles and definitely without talking to a traditional  recruitment agent
  • Confront the three road blocks every Subcontractor faces and (don’t just overcome them!) nail them in three steps
  • ​Leave your competitors to wallow in the tsunami of unsuitable candidates, while you attract ONLY the right candidates.
  • ​Save your money and your time with less overhead costs, while your competitors haemorrhage overheads cost on ineffective and costly recruitment.
  • How you can immediately get started attracting the right type of candidates and save your time, money, and your sanity

How To Solve An Issue NOW Without Creating Havoc, Causing Delays, Increasing Cost, Or Making Your Current Circumstances Worse Simply Because You Don’t Have Resources Available.

Introducing, Consultants On-Demand where:

  • You have live access to our Consultants’ calendars;
  • You can view their CV and expertise immediately;
  • You can check their availability in seconds;
  • ​You can secure a validated consultant in under 40 seconds.
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, AND using our consultants’ live calendar, can instantly see their availability.

…… It is like they already work for you.

FREE Report For Specialist Contractors

Discover How To Boost Your Capability In Less Than 40 Seconds AND blitz unplanned issues FAST

  • Confront unplanned issues FAST without using a recruitment agency who do not understand your issues or how to solve them

  • The five biggest hurdles every Specialist Contractor faces AND how to overcome them

  • ​Boost your capability and save money and your sanity, even if you don’t know where to start.

  • ​Save your time to focus on what really matters: delivering for your Clients
  • No matter what your circumstances, or even if you don’t know where to start – when you have an issue, you can sort it on-demand.
  • ​…and how you can immediately get started.

Contract Resourcing for the Cement, Mining, Material Handling and Power Industries

Many Clients in the Cement, Mining, Material Handling, and Power industries suffer from the paralysing high costs associated with the supply of personnel for specialist equipment.

Project costs are difficult to manage, when considering the capital costs of equipment, plus complicated spares lists, which are difficult to decipher so one or two years are procured, then specialist resources in the specific equipment can really smash the budget out of the park.

There is a delicate balance to obtain when it comes to warranties, and the resources from the OEM at certain stages of installation and at commissioning, are always required.

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